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Welcome! This is an online space where you have a chance to get to know my communication style, engage in some highlights I have gathered in one place. My goal is you get a sense of who I am and introduced to some of my skills. I look forward to getting to know you was well as God leads us both into pathways for establishing His kingdom here amongst us. 


Keep looking up!



My First Ministry

I am amazed at the opportunity I have to lead my family in every season of life with my best fried by my side, Jessica. We are truly partners in this journey as we serve, lead, and seek to raise our children to be lifelong followers of Jesus. One thing is for sure, I need the Church to be there as a compliment to my aim of a healthy and dynamic family life that is committed to realize all of God's purposes. 

(Left to Right: Shaylee, Ava, Jessica, Micah, Logan, Isabelle) 



I love communicating through many types of mediums and styles.This is a sermon that encourages the Church to Look ahead to consider if the present is matching up to the future they are called to live out. There is a fun object lesson at the end of the sermon that helps illustrate the point. It was also fun to drink! 

Please take a look at this service before the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 7.45.49 PM.png
Sunday Morning


COVID-19 has produced a lot of frustration, however it has been a opportunity for ministers like me to grow in my skills, planning, and understanding of how to utilize technology as a medium for effective preaching and expository teaching. Please survey this sermon from a time i was producing messages in our home in stay-at-home orders. There might be a bark or two from our Husky pups! 


Working with solid people really is a joy and a treasured gift in the life of ministry. My colleague and I produced the video announcements as a way to engage viewers in service and online at the same time. Im thankful for the skills to edit and convey the life of the Church in a manner that showcases personality. -MM

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 11.57.38 PM.pn


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I am loving how personal testimony can lead to great opportunities to share the message of God in different platforms. I recently completed a podcast called "Your Life is Not Over" as it featured experiences and examples of how God works in the most difficult moments of our life. This is an episode where I reflect the loss of my best friend to Cancer and how I hopeD to encourage others to take some of the lessons that I have learned. -MM



Please read this excerpt from Southport Church's blog. It is a post on exploring the practice of receiving communion. We should never assume one has had the opportunity to consider all that is taking shape in the sacrament given by our Lord. - MM

Quarantine 30 day devotional #ylno .jpg

This season of ministry has given ample reason to find pathways to encourage and pace with others on a daily basis. I developed and wrote this thirty day devotional. I hope you also find it encouraging in the time we have to trust God in this time as well as those to come! - MM

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