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Absolutely Fearless

"Be Afraid, be on guard, protect and keep your distance!"

We often can consider the people and the lessons that have taught us how to navigate this life with what we believe is a healthy sense of fear. Lessons from crossing the street, talking to strangers, running with sharp objects, or staring at people for long durations are all healthy boundaries that fear can help us to not induce pain, trauma, or insult.

However, it seems that more and more the fear factor of those who are the people of God is rarely challenged to be brought into and remain in those healthy boundaries. Many conversations that I have had in ministry usually involves a phase I call "Socializing the idea". This is the phase where I see how a particular vision is going to be received and who is open to developing it with me.

Most of the time, this is where I run into the inherent fears of people.

"We can't do that?" "There is too little, too much of..."

"What if it doesn't work...?""What if no one likes it?"

I usually ask the question, "What if this is what God is calling us to do?"

This is the biggest question I think that can challenge our fears and where we reach the edge of the sidewalk of our capacities. Our capacity to dream, to trust, and to rely.

1 John 4:!8 tells us that the love of God is perfect, and that there is no fear in love and that it casts out all fear. Love, that is rooted in the nature of God is powerful and it has a presence about it that comes face to face with our fears. What is so thrilling and vulnerable is that God's love for us is Absolutely Fearless.

I wonder what it takes for you to believe this?

Because this would mean that God fully accepts you, all of you, all your fears, your mistakes, your shortcomings. Talk about a scary place, right?

Yet, this is exactly how were are created to find meaning and value, by being fully known and totally accepted.

It is my hope that as you survey over the landscape of life today. As we are in the beginning of Summer, that you take time to consider all that drives you in your fear. Then you consider the reality that God doesn't even control you, yet he has the best plan for you.

Who are you going to let drive you, God or fear?

If you feel powerless, then there is even more good news! God has power in the Spirit.That power is accessible through prayer, through devotion to God, and obedience to his ways and Word.

Trust that you will see and experience a difference and you can start to live into a love that isn't filled with fear or pride, but only with perfect love. A love that is absolutely fearless and is for you!

Go after this love!

1. How can you identify where fear has been driving you? What are you going to do about that (this is what Powerful people ask themselves).

2, Do you trust that God's love for you wants to exchange a scarcity mentality for an abundance mentality?

3. How can you Lament or give God your pain as a practice of encountering his love and power to change you?

Bless you my fiends!


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