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  • Micah Moreno

Announcement To Fulfillment

People announcing and celebrating that God's promises will always be trustworthy.

It's the end of the year and how many of us are expecting some sort of announcement from others that there is going to be some big news in 2019? An engagement, a new life, a gender reveal, these seem to take shape at this time of year and suddenly the timeframe ahead of those connected to others who make such announcements have with it certain expectations that are to be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed moments when all three of these types of hopeful outcomes didn't come to be. The pain that was produced from that lack of fulfillment is very real and gives way to ample setbacks for those who live in the different outcome than what was shared, photographed, and celebrated.

There is something very different however when it comes to the announcement of God's promises in our lives in how willing we are to share them. We expect to hear news of one person committing to step into vows of a marriage an think little how much this promise depends on the character and follow through of the couple to see it fulfilled. Yet, when it comes to declaring on the reliability of God's promises, why are we so shy about them?

Ever stop to consider how much we hold in or don't share when it comes to receiving and proclaiming a promise in your life from God? Perhaps we don't trust ourselves in being sure of what we heard from God or we don't want to be judged by others. This is especially true when the announcement is often earth shattering or world altering (at least to us or those who are connected to the promise).

When Gabriel announced to Mary the plans for her life as highly favored by God, there was little hesitation in Mary to receive the announcement and yield to the promise that what was so far fetched and otherworldly to her very confined Hebrew 1st century life. What is key here is to realize that Mary was favored by God not at the fulfillment of Jesus' birth. She was favored at the announcement.

In a life of faith, we seem to not want to share with others what God will do until we have the proof in our own lives first. We set out to demonstrate God's goodness by the verifiable outcomes only instead of the trustworthy promises he extends all along.

It was so much fun to take this idea and redeem it a bit in my Church. Instead of a balloon filled with pink or blue glitter or powder, I filled it with gold glitter. Instead of asking for a testimony from someone who wanted to tell of what had been done, I asked for someone who had received the announcement in their life before the fulfillment. It was a powerful moment to declare and celebrate that God has spoken into these lives. To not diminish or excuse what will be done as the opportunity to follow God to fulfillment was ahead of them still.

Isn't that what we should be about as the people of God? To create such a place of safety and awe in what God is saying to us that is promised and exciting from the moment of favor given? How many announcements have fallen to the wayside of faltering discipleship because we don't cultivate a community of announcing what God will do and has done?

Consider what God has announced to you at the end of this year. For me, I am seeing what was fulfilled, what was not in his will, and what stands as potential favor in the year to come. All I need to do from the moment it is realized in my heart of hearts and then again by my eyes is reveal, proclaim, and celebrate God for his goodness, faithfulness, and his trustworthy love that allows you and I the ability to proclaim and lift the name of Jesus from announcement to fulfillment!

Proclaim and seek to witness become accomplished as far as it is concerned by you.

Keep Looking Up!

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