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Character Reveals Character

"They are such a Character!" has been said of many who dare to express themselves for the unique gift that they are to others. There is a real tenderness revealed of God when we encounter some one who has stepped into the domain of owning their quirks, flaws, and strengths. Often, the character of our personalities or from the outcomes of our experiences have the greatest chance to reveal the character of God.

God's character is revealed in moments when we see that the a person's unique sense of humor allows them to capture the essence of God's goodness in challenging times. Or a person's perseverance mirrors the perseverance received by the Spirit of the Lord to endure the trials, temptations, and tragedies. This has been something that I have seen God use in my life that I feel I am just discovering and stepping into.

As an eighth grader, I was very shy but had found my niche as the captain of the basketball team. I felt that my coach had made a big mistake when she announced my role before our first game. It was a complete shock to me. She had remarked that is was my character that brought her to the decision to lead our team into the season. I felt more than disqualified.

I recall the first time having to converse with the other captain of the opposing team. I made the conscious decision to represent the faith put in me by my coach and now the team I was leading. It was a very vulnerable but empowering moment.

"Character comes by how we express the Fruit of the Spirit through the acceptance of how we are fashioned to manifest them."

It took a few games to lean into this role, but something started to change in me, I adopted the expectations and the hunch of my coach that I would fill the role with character. It was my coach's insight that brought the opportunity into my life and was part of the foundation of building leadership into my framework. How can you see that God is giving you the very same opportunity to lean into his character to develop your own?

Are you willing to understand that in the world, there is no one like you nor will there ever be another you? That the perfection you seek to attain by adopting traits of others or minimizing one of your own isn't fully recognizing who you are and accepting and appreciating God's composition of you. Character comes by how we express the Fruit of the Spirit through the acceptance of how we are fashioned to manifest them.

The fruits don't change (goodness, love, joy, peace, self control, etc.) yet the way you express them in your character is your unique opportunity to lead a life that demonstrates fullness and possibility. How can this Fresh Leadership Friday be a day where you live out your character to reveal God's character even more?

Keep Looking Up!

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