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Here We Go in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

It's Monday, again, and I really can't believe how the weekend evaporated on me. There were many amazing moments, a few tough ones, but overall I just didn't rest. I had every intention to, but the needs and movements of life brought a lot of action instead of time to kick up the feet. A few highlights where when I almost caught my fence on fire as a I forgot to clean out the grease pan in my BBQ. Let's just say we had "Cowboy" steaks this weekend. I helped play guitar at Church for worship and I got onto a 6/8 timing which changed the whole song and ending of the service. We sold our third car in a matter of hours and were just amazed at the opportunity to tithe on that blessing and the sense of peace of trusting God in his provision. It just was a "full" weekend. I rolled out of bed at 4:25 am this morning to hit my HIT class for the fourth week in a row. My body and mind where like, "what are you doing, get back to bed" by my will is determined to see real change in my life. It was an intense workout and I hate/love the fella that got me into this routine. But I realize what I love the most is when the coach is counting down the first work out. He usually says "Alright guys, here is go it 5, 4, 3, 2..." 

It is just a rush to be on ramped into something that you know is needed but it takes that frame of mind to just be willing to hit the ground and do the work. 45 minutes later and 800 calories in, I am feeling great and feel accomplished and at peace. I want to relate this to the choice we have to allow Christ to lead us into places that we may be resisting or dreading to trust him in. The choices that mean we shift our priorities, or efforts, our frame of mind and heart attitude. 

"13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  Romans 15:13

What I love about this Scripture is it gives us a window into the exponential work of God in our lives. We give trust, we receive so much more in return. We step in faith, or we take an action that compliments that trust, we aren't spiritually bankrupt, we are overflowing with hope. Not just rainbows and pink cloud kind of hope that burns away with a parking ticket, unexpected bill, or a higher number on the scale. A hope that brings us joy and peace as we hit the ground in life and begin to trust him through doing the work of discipleship. 

As we commit to derail thoughts that leave us as the victim instead of the victor. As we press into the Truth instead of become entangled with the lies of deception that somehow we are bound for a couch potato form of spiritual health. We need to hear the call of our Savior who is asking us to trust him and to hit our knees in prayer and be prepared to lead us into the hard work of disciplining our minds for the aim of deeper devotion and to flex those muscles of faith when tested. 

I know I am using some fitness analogies, but I am just seeing more and more how we are called to bring all parts of our lives into obedience and into a healthy state of serving God. We have to see that with Christ all things are possible, and that we open these possibilities when we are willing to face the truth of where we need to grow, un learn some habits, discover some real sobering pieces of our circumstances, and invite the Spirit of God to redeem these areas that perhaps have left us challenged to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically, and in our spiritual growth. You stand with every opportunity to reach new levels of faith and abundance, I say this depending on Gods trustworthiness and willingness to bring an overflow of joy and peace into your life! 

Just need to do the work! 

Here we go in 5, 4, 3, 2...

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