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The Disorientated Will

But I trust in you, Lord; I say, “You are my God.” 15 My times are in your hands; Psalm 31:14-15a

This was a morning where I almost quit mentally. I don't want to talk about working out predominantly on here. So, I will bring it up if I feel if it draws something worth sharing to the table. As I was on my back about 2/3 through the 2/3 of the total workout, I looked up the wall and I noticed the vinyl on the wall that read "I Can & I Will". In that moment I noticed two things, I felt I couldn't finish this workout, and second I was realized the difficulty reading in a disorientated state. This made me consider beyond pushing oneself past comfort zones and the routine of life and faith, the can and will can be out of reach because we are focusing on our "can" and our "will" in a disorientated state.

Many times we come to the end of our can and then we are left to determine the next steps based on our free will to chose what to do being on the cliff of uncharted territory or facing fear. The can seems to be what so many focus on if the orientation of life is set to the right level of comfort, ease ability, and preference. However, I feel that the greatest growth can come when we are willing to come out of disorientating moments or seasons in life. If it is the end of a relationship or career. A change that altars the day to day or an event that leaves trauma or even new doors opening, these can leave us with the work to do in determining how much we can do about this.

Psalm 31 seems to be all about these phases of life. I love verse fourteen because it goes right to the will in the midst of less than ideal circumstances for the author.

"But I trust in you, Lord" is a matter of will, not ability.

Do you have the will to trust God while you are on your back seeing the world upside down from what you knew it to be? Will you proclaim this while you start to see the "can't" of each step turns into "can" if you invite the Spirit into each new decision, day, and battle within? Yesterday was March 4th and it is a day of victory if you are willing to take the reality of great and lesser things into consideration and still chose to give them little impact on the will to trust the Lord despite what your eyes perceive and the likely outcome being fed into your view.

You may not be able to right now, but God can. You may be filled with doubt or twisted ideas about your worth, your ability, or your future, but God will use you for great measures of grace and purpose if you trust him, pursue him, rely on him, and not abandon his precepts and ways. Look to Christ, to his outstretched hand to you, calling you by name and filling you with purpose to carry you out into a new orientated place where you will praise God that He Can, and He will because you trusted him all the while.

Keep Looking Up!

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