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Weekend Wrap Up "Hot Seat:Materialism"

Here we are, at the end of the year with so many items to buy and to consume as part of the natural cycle of life that seems to be part of the lifestyle many of us are apart of.

Companies unveil new models of tech, gadgets, and innovations that many feel they have to have to keep up and be on the cutting edge of productivity, efficiency, or convenience.

However, how much of this material is really fulfilling us instead of draining us?

It's an important question to ask we looked at Materialism this last weekend.

If I could put a root to materialism I feel confident that it comes from the insecurities we have to feel comfortable significant, and to have worth in our lives. These items to buy, hoard, and have are at times the manifestations of a deeper need to materialize meaning. Yet, are these materials competing too much with what should be the "Material of a Disciple".

Looking at Psalm 37, David gives us a good model for what we shouldn't fret about in the world of a scarcity mentality or when we see others who have no faith in God seem to be living the good life.

David gives us a four key points that I wanted to share with you when it comes to materializing a mentality that brings peace and confidence. This is so that we need not feed the consumer monster that has many of us lining up at stores or clicking online so that our desires fall into bags or boxes full of goodies and toys that we will year.

David informs us to Trust, Delight, Commit, and Refrain in Psalm 37. (37:2, 37:4, 37:5, 37:8)Thus giving a way to materialize what we should find more profitable for us to consider when we may be leaning into stuff for value instead of the ways of God working in our lives.

This is an excellent way to map out our process of devotion to God's material in our lives verses what we trust, delight in, commit to, or refrain from.

Do we trust God to provide life and provision?

Do we delight in God's holiness and his call to live a life of attitudes and actions that demonstrate these pursuits of justice and the gospel?

Can we commit our way to deeper devotion? Will we refrain from evil, temptation, and anger?

We must be aware of consumerism and materialism starts to dethrone the values of God's kingdom to make way for our ways, our wants, and feeds our worries.

There is a fundamental truth to all of us who line up on that long awaited Black Friday, or who scoff at the idea have the newest tech. We al desire what we delight in and so we must give a careful consideration to where is our treasure is buried? For wherever this "X" is found on our map, that is where our hearts are (Matthew 6:19-21). Not just a piece of our heart, all of it. Do we lay our delight in the work of God or the work of Apple? Is it in stuff that rusts and rots? Or is it in Christ himself?

This is a Hot Seat topic because it is one that the Church understands is present in many, but doesn't talk a lot about it. I know if I just asked you to not buy too much junk, go into debt, feel proud about the pre-order, etc. It wouldn't really register.

My hope is if I asked you to identify what delights you more, the blood and body of Christ or the next upgrade on your mobile phone plan? That may help you to consider how you are refraining or not from putting your trust in eternal treasures verses predestined obsolete hardware.

The outcome from all of this material of a Disciple is one that we come to a deeper place of Authenticity, Compassion, and Generosity.

Those are values that are immeasurable in the economy of God and qualities that have countless dividends to those who are willing o manifest them in their walk of faith.

Keep Looking Up!

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