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Who Said "Can't"?

Trying to impress the students of my youth group was a usual effort as a youth pastor. A sign that I was starting to get on in years after 15 season of lock in's, youth camps, teaching purity and authentic faith, I was seeing the wear and tear. I took a bunch of guys to a trampoline place full of fun and foam pits. We were five minutes in when the sophomore in the group challenged me to copy him on the trampoline. As I landed on my back I felt a tug and a pop on the left side of my sternum. It felt wonderful too... I had just separated my rib from my sternum and I was fully ready to cry like my then two 6 year olds. Yet, I toughed it through with a sharp pain the rest of the day and decided that I can't do trampolines anymore. I mean I busted a rib! 

Fast forward to last September and my 12 year old wants nothing more than to go to the same fun zone and trampoline her little heart out with her friends and family. With my orange grippy socks on I stood on the edge of the same trampoline nightmare with a choice to say "I will" or "I can't". Let's just say by the end of the day I was challenged to a dodge ball competition with my kids and I against four High school boys. It was a high point as I was victorious over a group of fifteen year olds. Okay, maybe I celebrated too much, but I had just went from "I can't" that morning to, "I did"!

I realized that the only person in this moment who was telling me "I can't" was myself. Often, we tell ourselves the same thing when it comes to many areas of growth and consistency. On this #BreakthetiesTuesday I want you to identify who has been the source of the words "I can't"in your inner narrative. Who has been the source of that voice that stops you short, cuts you off too soon, or never allows you to show up to the new opportunity that may be a catalyst of overcoming hurdles, fears, and setbacks? 

“I myself cannot do it,” Joseph replied, “but God will give Pharaoh a sound answer.” Genesis 41:16

I think often about the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. How often his life was given great vision, but the road there was filled with disappointment, suffering, and trust issues. This verse from the book of Genesis finds Joseph in a humble position that points to the source of where we will find our answers to that which troubles us and who can give us a sound perspective of what we can or cannot accomplish. 

We may come to obscure understandings beyond our vision or wisdom, yet we can be encouraged that God will be the voice of truth, reason, and insight that will speak into the cant's and mature them to the "I will's" of obedience and breakthrough. Even this morning I am asking God to help me understand the "I can't" of a situation so that it can be his voice saying  "you're right you can't, but I will if you trust me".  

It takes everything within at times to crowd out all those other voices that seek to overwhelm the still and quiet voice of God. I pray that whatever you are on the edge of that you seek God to be the voice that reveals and brings you convincing confidence and undeniable assurance that you can do what he is calling you to. Break the tie of the voices who have said you can't especially your own treason. 

Keep Looking Up! 

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